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Out of the Blue…

At The Serendipity Experience, we love it when those little Serendipitous moments catch us completely out of the blue, which is exactly what happened here. We received an email from a lovely lady, Andrea from Germany who trained with Amanda on a Jack Pransky Extended Professional training a few years ago, who just couldn’t wait to tell us this CRAZY story! Take a read below to find out more.
“Yesterday I walked around a market and was just wandering around to see what seasonal fruits would be offered to pick my favourite ones and have a decent meal later the day. Thinking of nothing in particular I had a look here and there and suddenly was struck like a bolt out of the blue: A woman crossed my path we looked at each other for a fraction of a moment; she was smiling, she had shining friendly eyes and I felt, ‘I know her’ as she turned to one stand to order her fruits and vegetables. My mind kept searching… ‘where do I know her from who is she, do I really know her?’… I approached her and heard myself saying, “You have a lookalike in Spain”. “Have I?”, she replied with a broad smile and we started chatting. She too is working in the health field and we parted with the idea to meet up for a coffee and talk more since we felt here has been more than just chance at play.
It was as if I had met Amanda from The Serendipity Experience! All of her; figure, movement, speech, gestures, facial expressions .. all these were like her .. amazing! It took me a few moments to figure out what was going on – why does she speak German? has she moved? didn’t she recognise me?
And the greatest thing was, we came to chat for a while as if we knew each other. She IS Amanda, in a German version if something like that is possible. I am still astounded that such a likeness is possible!
Sending you happy greetings from Germany and look forward to hearing from you again!”
WOW, thanks Andrea for getting in touch and sending over such a great story! We love to hear about all of those Serendipitous moments, so please let’s GET IN TOUCH NOW!