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Why choose Serendipity for a Dream Break? How about Why not?

The Serendipity Experience Background

What makes Serendipity different to other retreats, get-away breaks etc…?

The emphasise is not on a particular activity like Yoga, cycling or weight loss. It is more of a Taster break idea. A bit of this and a bit of that.

The premise is always FUN !!!

I have worked on many retreats for many years and it can all get a little heavy (to say the least).

 Serendipity weekends are about keeping it light. Having a great time and realising that you already have everything you need to enjoy life to the full.

When you relax the mind and body, fall back into a good space, have clarity in your thinking, insights can occur. Then the magic show can begin.

When I was travelling I booked onto a tour trip called ‘ The Kiwi Experience’ in the South Island of  New Zealand. It was a welcome relief  after our busy- hitching  expedition of the North Island. To have everything organised  was amazing and we were able to just enjoy our time, relax, chill out, make friends, or simply join in the fun activities and organised tours. So there is the Kiwi Experience and also The Oz Experience and now there is The Serendipity Experience – wehey!

We are providing that space for you to connect with yourself, nature and other like minded people here in Javea on the beautiful Costa Blanca of Spain . Come and visit us and see for yourself how easy it is to fall back in Love with Life x

On the Radio!!!

amanda (1)

Isn’t it amazing how life works. The serendipity-ness of life never ceases to amaze me.

A little while ago I was invited onto a local radio show (Total fm), as a guest to be interviewed by the lovely Gill Henry. Gill presents ‘The Ladies are loose at the weekend’. It’s kind of like the Loose Women show on TV. I was promoting the services of Serendipity and chatting about life in general.

I was invited back to be a co-presenter on Gill’s show a few months later and that was really fun! Again I was just talking about my understanding of life, peace & love and all that malarkey.

The next time I saw the owner of the radio station, he said we needed to talk. The kind Chris Williams was excited to offer me my own radio show on Total fm, WOW!

How does that happen? Chris said that he could really feel the love behind the words when I was being interviewed on Gill’s show. He said he could feel the smile behind the voice. How cool is that?

It blows my mind that you’re just telling your story, doing your thing, sharing an understanding and it resonates so highly with somebody else that it touches them in their own special way, I just love that.

Most of you know that I am not shy of talking. Some folk might even say that I talk too much, ha ha. Well, as McFadden and Whitehead said, there ‘Ain’t no stopping us now’.
Fancy that lil’ ol’ me, on the radio. So there’s the story ‘Morning glory’.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity that Chris has gifted me with. So I inviteyou all to listen in every Friday to the new show titled ‘Happy Hour’ with DJ Amanda. What a laugh!

This is a 3 hour show 5 – 8pm Spanish time ( U.K. time 4 – 7pm). Here’s the plan, we kick off with some happy tunes, be sure to Turn on, Tune in and Drop out to the hits of the swinging 60’s & 70’s. Then we slow it down, mix it up and play all your requests, so remember to get them in early and I’ll give you a mention.

Thank you to everybody who has listened in so far. They say, whoever they are, that we learn from our mistakes and I have certainly made a couple of those in the first few shows. I managed to play 2 songs at the same time, cut in on the adverts, get bumped off by the news and I even left my microphone on 3 times!!! Anyway, it happens to the best of us.

It reminds me of learning to drive for the first time, so many things to take on board all at once. The word overwhelming springs to mind. That first session felt like I had been placed on the motorway in the middle of a storm with the window wipers going, hazards on and cars flying at me in all directions. Get my drift?

You can tune in locally, here on the Costa Blanca on 91.8 fm. Also from anywhere in the world with an internet connection via the Total fm website or through the tune in app on your smartphone. Let me know if you are listening in and send your requests in via facebook or email me.



San Juan Fiesta Madness

nit del focs 2014

June was a crazy busy fiesta month with San Juan headlining the show. The Spanish have been celebrating this midsummer madness for thousand of years. We had great fun jumping the fires in the old town, wearing our crowns on our heads along with thousands of locals and tourists, who visit Javea for this amazing experience. It is my favourite night here in Javea ´Nit del Focs´. Followed by the madness of ‘Correfocs’, where we are chased around the streets of Javea old town by people dressed up spraying us with fireworks. Health and safety is non-existent. Keep an eye on the creation of our Themed weekends on the website as next year we invite you to celebrate San Juan with us. Don’t miss out, you will love it.




Summer Solstice 2015, Yoga gathering 21 sun salutations.

Hola, Hello, Aloha…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch,there has been lots happening here in Sunny Spain, we had a beautiful evening celebrating the Summer Solstice on June 21st down on our local sandy beach. A group of like-minded souls got together for a yoga session, 21 sun salutations followed by a lovely picnic on the beach. Looking forward to our Serendipity Fun Day on the beach this Sunday 5th July from 5pm. All details are on The Serendipity Experience Facebook page. Remember to Like us.
Yoga for the whole family will follow the fun day on the beach at 7:30pm.
Be there or be square. Call Amanda with any queries or questions – 646 816 625.


Valentines Day Launch 2015. Have you heard about my NEW baby?

Happy Valentine’s day to you!


All You need is Love!

I love Valentine’s Day, I know it’s commercial (and all that malarkey I do not really care for) but any excuse for a celebration of Love I say.

Are you doing something special for the VIP in your life today? I hope so. I am talking about YOU of course!   Be kind to yourself today and every day because you deserve it. Self-Love  is the very first romance !!!


Well I have something very special and exciting to share with YOU. I am totally ‘head over heels’ with my  ‘New Baby’. I am the proud parent of  ‘The Serendipity Experience’ a love based project, born from a desire to share and connect.

The Serendipity Experience is introducing and hosting NEW Dream weekends here in Javea, Spain.

An all-inclusive, re-treat style, chillax breaks with an underlying premise of FUN! Let us look after YOU.

You choose your weekend from the menu, book your flight and we will sort out everything else. We have created an amazing menu to satisfy many taste buds.

There are themed weekends and mid-week breaks and all the information will be available soon on the new website. So watch this space! All very exciting!


I spent many years travelling and working abroad but I chose to live in Javea, Spain (since 2006). I am truly grateful to be here. We have a lovely life with a strong connection to nature and fantastic weather. All the current Serendipity services and Fun events  will continue with renewed energy maximising them to their fullest potential.